Tuesday, March 19, 2013

shipyards with old and new

In a recent post, I briefly described the infamous hobby disaster with track shelves. Over last week I sorted all the broken bits and whole bits. The toy soldiers are all in another box awaiting their turn at repair. The ships are already well on the way to battling in space once again. Task force gold is already clamped and glued and waiting in the garage. I'd show photos, but I neglected to take my camera with me. I would go out now and take a few pics, but since I was deployed last year.... Well lets just say the garage was clean when I left and is now filled with the detritus of my wife and four kids, as they stored everything they broke or didn't know where to put it right in front of all the doors!
So, after tending to the Gold task force, I settled in to check the damage to Task Force Crimson.

Besides the usual breakage, I lamented the remembrance that I traded off the Chaos, Eldar, and Ork fleets that I had painted( and were also smashed). I was musing (perhaps aloud) about getting some adversary ships later this year. My fantastic wife disappeared upstairs and returned after a bit with a large parcel. A brand new Battlefleet Gothic game, A pack of two chaos cruisers, two blister packs of chaos escorts, four blister packs of ork ships, and 12 tiny models of my own favorite...the Imperial Cobra class destroyer. She had bought them shortly after "The Incident" and had been waiting for me to begin repairing my fleet. She had cunningly hid them for nearly seven years, and she figured if I ever sold or traded off my remaining ships, well she would just eBay them and get me something else.  Probably my one smart thing in life was marrying her!

The influx of the new ships have really helped me to finish repairs. It is thrilling to know I have adversaries and not just blue on blue fleet actions in the future!
Crimson Task Force in sad shape

Chipped paint, smashed bits, and all sorts of broken flight stands and antenna

new Imperial cruisers and escorts!

the humble Cobra destroyer. A squadron of four can unleash more torpedoes than a cruiser

the new nemesis force, for now they will combine into one supreme pirate fleet, eventually I'll gather enough to make both ork and chaos fleets.

I always liked the oscar like look to the ork ships

one of the very few chaos ships capable of launching torpedoes

a new game And the armada book which covers even more spaceship classes...
all new to me and cunningly hid!

just some of the leavings left on the table after ripping into my new stuff... She at least had this hidden since 2005!

the spec op pinzgauer. the sci-fi marines next to it are 28mm UAMC from defiance games. They are standing on nearly forty more sheets of construction for this vessel!
the front ramp merely folds in for the belly hatch to open

The front not-ramp has a man access hatch that does pop down.

Since I will be up all night as my turn at four days of 12 hr night shift begins tomorrow, I have some reading and construction to interrupt my painting! A rather good week. I still can't believe she hid that stuff from me for that long of time. She said she always knew I'd get back to it. She also knew how much I liked the game. from the order system, to manipulating gravity wells for turns and sling-shotting torpedoes, to no brakes in space! I really like the mechanics of this game. I could have went with another space combat system, but this one is pretty good. I may even add other types of ships to this as well...it's not like I'm a stranger to "counts as" proxies!


  1. Never played anything like this!, they look pretty cool!

  2. All the ships are filled with details. The prows of the imperial ships and the bristling guns do hark back to WW1 dreadnaughts! I still want wings of war/ x-wing, but after the debacle of Zombicide kickstarter...and subtle and not so subtle hints from wife...
    this is a great beer and pretzel game with a lot of depth!

  3. You sir have a wonderful wife. This was a very touching story to read. Have fun with the "new" game from 2005!

    1. She is wonderful and fantastic!....and very sneaky, I didn't even guess that she had this stuff lurking about. It was like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one. I will have to figure out something to reciprocate! I couldn't hide a gift that long though...she has a keen sense of timing!