Sunday, May 19, 2013

clearing the workbench

It's still been a busy time in the Sith lair,. Lot's to do and getting the kids off to their activities has left me often confused as to where I need to be next!  My daughter( the 10yr old) is still beating me in the run too! It is a respectful time I get for a two mile run, but she is still beating me by almost a full min. She completed the last one in nearly 16 minutes flat! I can outlast her on the longer runs, but I still think that I'm going to be quite tired after these 5k runs we have signed up for( she says 3k are for wussies).

My wife has me clearing out a few rooms for remodeling and I just found out that I am to plant the garden tomorrow...this explains the profusion of flora and seeds that are blocking my garage doors and the back porch. I had my suspicions when I got home from work this morning, but then I was also hoping it was a mild hallucination induced by my long work week and daily exercise regime. Regime as in Insanity is a workout derived from interrogation techniques of the Spanish Inquisition. If you participate in this gross miscarriage of human suffrage, you are a masochist or someone is forcing you to do so(my wife) She says I'll thank her later, but for now I am certain that there is something that I did or said that needs to be apologized for! Perhaps she is trying to cripple me to keep our firmly as front runner in our runs!....they are both girls after all!

I am still trying to get my Napoleonics on the workbench, this means some projects had to get cleared. these are all Reaper minis and most were Christmas gifts or homecoming gifts.
The ginger in the trench coat is my gang leader and behind him is his little sister with a sniper rifle, his ol' lady, and the start of his gang...I'll need to find some more mini's to fit in with them.
A back shot of the gang. I still haven't decided on the gang colors yet nor name. this is an excellent way to show the backsides of the ladies though!
Doc Dread, or not-Victor Doom. the brazen gun fighter in the front is his number one henchman...but he also has purpose in my Sci-Fi collection!
Dr Dread with  Goon#1 and Goon#2
Dread's allies the Purple Nurple(my kid's named him), Overload, and The Crusher
I truly want to game Sci-fi skirmish like blade runner, 5th element, etc.
I am always on the lookout for scifi civies/ COB's(Civilians on the Battlefield)
I still need more for objectives, victory points, and LOS blockers
these are a couple of robots with some painted resin crates
The anima hero reminds me of sucker punch, the scifi ganger fat clark will work well as hero ,thug, or even 40k gaming, lastly Dr Dreads gun slinging henchman will also fill some function in future games.
another shot of the work
some spec op boys for zombies/spies/ even my scifi skirmish
the not Ving was wishlisted for zombie games, so far he hasn't been used in that capacity. He has fought dr Dreads minions, and been in shootouts with cowboys and bikers.
He is joined by The Shadow and The Spirit.
I haven't used the last two at all yet. They may be superhero backup for my kid's heroes as they try to thwart Dr Dread. They may also end up as heroes in Howard Whitehouse's Mad Dogs with Guns prohibition gangster skirmish.
I haven't gotten those rules yet nor the many Wargames Foundry mobsters and Safari adventures and natives. Hopefully I may get those by Christmas as like any good wargamer I keep my list updated and in easy access for family....Especially since my wife has verboten any attempts to buy/acquire  or otherwise increase the mountain of neglect this year!
I have some ork ships to post, but I'll save them for next week in case I make no progress on my Napoleonics. If I can keep a post in reserve, perhaps I'll be further inspired to keep the hobbyside moving.
My kid's each have three heroes they painted( 12 goody-two-shoes) but they do not want me to share them. I am proud of them(kid's and minis) so I will try to sneak a few pictures of one of the games soon too!
if this works I have been successful in showing the few lurkers where to go to try for some neat free swag. I have lurked on Tamsin's site for a while and she is a great painter and fellow hobbyist.
I'm not as slick as most with the computers, so apologies for the unsophisticated link.
I'm much better dragging my knuckles, shooting, and sneaking through the woods....It used to be running to, but you know... 10 yr old girls are tough opponents!


  1. Some cracking paintjobs on those mini's mate. If your after companions for your biker gang you can't go wrong with Copplestone Castings Future Wars Bikers, EM4 do Bikers in there Future war range and Black Cat Bases have Bikers from Obelisk miniatures Gangstar range.

    1. Thank's, Simon! For the compliment and the directions to new gangers. I really need some more as four doesn't make an intimidating gang. Dr Dread can always subcontract to fill the goon ranks as well!

  2. These are some really nice figures. A great collection here and I love Reaper. I've picked up a few SF figures and have them in the lead pile for "another day".

    Nice job of painting and great use of colour!

    1. Thank you, Anne! I'm still brand new to the Reaper line. The sculpts almost paint themselves! My favorite one is The Spirit as she reminds me of a comic I read in the 80's. The photos do her no justice as the white is in 5 shades and she has 6 layers of flesh tones. This doesn't include any of the tints and washes either.

  3. Reaper has long been one of my consistent top picks. Good looking minis in your paint, especially.

    1. Thanks, E!
      These are among the first Reaper minis I've ever got. I'm now a big fan, they almost paint themselves! ;)