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Kris @ wargames and Railroads is having a giveaway to celebrate his birthday and to celebrate 100 followers. Lot's of neat prizes and worth checking out. I am hoping to get the memoirs of a WW1 Marine and just had to use my reserve post to pimp him out and increase my chances!
So, my modest Ork Fleet! I like the Orks, Orcs, Marauders, Reavers, whatever your choice of names. For me, no matter the conflict or background, GW orks simply live to fight. There is no fear of showing up for battle and having a blue on blue battle. Orks fight anyone including themselves.
The grand days of Rogue Trader are past, my favorite rules with Mad Boyz, Shokk Attack gunz, animosity, over-the top Bioniks... Orks are still fun though. In the flavor text they like weapons "wiv lotz uv dakka" and every ork ground vick favors "a 'ard racin suzpenzion" meaning no shock absorbers. The orks don't use brakes so much as more gas, every vehicle has a big button that when pressed makes the machine go faster, then faster again each time pressed. Not a historical force by any means, but honestly the background makes me like them more!
Since the Evil Sunz like to "Go Fasta" and have the infamous Kult of Speed, I gave them the Brute Ram ships. Minimal weapon systems, overcharged engines, and heavily armored crew compartments; these ships are made for ramming and running through enemy ships. I painted them mostly red as orks believe the red ones go fasta!
I couldn't find any of my Evil Sunz clan boys, so now pictures of them yet!

The Onslaught is a basic frigate for orks and an average all rounder.
The Oscar prow is a hinged jaw which is a loading/unloading ramp as each ship holds an ork warband with attendant vicks and dreads.

Death Skulls or Deff Skullz like the color blue and believe it to be a lucky color.

Death Skulls are one of the poorer clans and often loot the battlefield for anything of use. The other clans do not trust them as Death Skulls often "find" another clans gear as well! Notorious thieves!

Blood Axes are another clan and also not liked. They favor the uniformity of the human forces and mimic them.(an earlier post has my old Blood Axe Kommandos in a lurid purple camo)
These ships are Ravagers and feature torpedoes. Ork crews are not very disciplined and will often fail at reloading ordinance. These ships may only fire once in battle twice if I roll very good! Since Blood Axes try to be disciplined, they got the ravagers. Orks use looted torpedoes as they are more reliable than the ones they make. I figure the Deff Skulls painted them blue before trading them to the Blood Axes

A basic unit of blood axes painted a long time ago. My Cadian 7th Cav are in blue, so most of my Blood Axes have a confederate look.

Here is a Goff Nob with the Savage Gunships. Goffs like the black and red colors and have a Bull as their totem. If you look closely this ork has a bull ring nose piercing. He is from the shortlived GorkaMorka game which I still play on accasion. My army is predominately Goff , so lots of black and red with the occasional white and black checkerboard.

Savage ships do not have the range of the onslaughts, but they do have a lot of short range big guns.
The Goffs got them because they like to "get stuck in" and these ships do have a lot of Dakka!

So my tiny Ork fleet all set for battle.
I would do the chaos ships next, but my paint table is finally clear of work and filled up with my Napoleonics. I hope to get them done quickly and have them skirmishing in small towns. I don't have much by the way of Peninsular War Terrain, but I do have a lot of trees and Dave Graffam models which will work well enough for the time being.
Have a good week and don't forget to visit Kris and wish him a Happy Birthday!

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