Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Summer break is over

So I have mostly survived the chaos of summer. Overtime at work, military drill, parties, weddings, holiday gatherings, more parties, gardening, ..... I also have been "enjoying" my nation's politics which is sarcasm for wanting to duck out into a hidey hole with my wife, kids and just focus on hobby in my leisure time! ...but, I digress. I have found a bit of time to indulge in my leisure activities which means a fair amount was accomplished during the warm months and I was able to photograph it all today! I regrettably only own two cameras. An Olympus 35mm with all the bells and whistles of a $1k camera system( In the 80's!) and my droid smart phone. The smart phone isn't very smart when confronted with a dreary Michigan sky( Rain for the second week) and cold( too cold and wet for the ever expanding honey-do list)- note- I did turn off the exterior water faucets and changed the furnace filters which allowed me to photo my minions today!

Most of the pictures have suffered from horrible overexposure and some didn't focus. They looked good when taking the pictures, but look atrocious on the computer. I did delete most of them, but I kept a few revelant ones. I will endeavor to retake a few later on. I am scheduled to go to days shortly because my wife has demanded it, and I do like to keep her happy. A benefit will be that I have been promised a breakfast date once a month! I will also be able to send my kids off to school on my off days and be readily available for the growing honey-do list( damn it never ends!). Although I will now awake at 2am every day instead of 2pm, My running and daddy time will exist from 2am-8am every day(except workdays). I will also only have to sacrifice Sundays for military duty which will allow me to actually use my benefit time for actual vacations and not weekend warrior duty.
Like now even though I had drill cancelled for the government shutdown( still have to make it up) Nov and Dec will be off no-pay from work because I already used up all my benefit time for the drill days earlier in the year! A lot of good things will be coming because of my changing over to dayshift, but I will miss the night times spent doing whatever I wished!

I now have several posts ready to submit throughout November, terrain, minis, and more!  I did artwork this summer! I also participated in Zombicide and Crossover Mini kickstarters. I haven't received the Zombicide one yet, but I did and do have planned a post for the Crossover minatures kickstarter awards I received. But first lets get on to the pics!

Several of the blogs I read have been running a Zomtober  painting challenge and I do like checking out their work. Here is what I finished this month.

A top down image of the shambling horde, unfortunately it is a touch blurry!
these are all Wargame Factory zombies .

A nurse and an office worker. The keen eyed may have spotted a few of these lurking on my paint tray. I have been working on them off and on since I got back from deployment a year ago.
this batch of zombies were finally completed and were involved in a mass basing evolution a few weeks ago. Flock, static grass, touch ups, debris, etc.

Although the flash washed them out, these two are my favorite male zombies. Unfortunately the color is about erased by the flash!

A few policemen have succumbed to the Z virus! A bicycle cop, and two patrolmen. It shouldn't be a surprise that the bicycle cop did not make it into the ranks of the survivors!

A couple of damaged Female zombies. The more upright one has lost her foot and I selected a head that had 1/2 of her skull exposed. The crawler has lost most of her legs and her hand. She is using her right stump to support herself!

I couldn't forget the troops! Here are three soldiers that did not have critical need to know information!

Although the flash is horrible for this one, I do like the shadows against the wall!

A group shot of the bunch! Surprisingly, this shot came out rather good!

This was supposed to be a nice comparison shot of the old and new zombies by Wargames Factory, but the flash has denied it!
I truly like both kits, but the Zombie Vixen box does have more detail. Both kits paint up very nice and have given me a lot of zombies. I do not mind the soft detail on the male zombies as these are not heroic troops but are a nasty scary horde to swarm my troops. I see no reason to spend $20 for a few "nice" zombies when the same amount will yield 30 zombies and provide spare parts for conversions and terrain.
My kid's bought both sets for me last year(I got a lot of kits for homecoming and Christmas!) We had a grand time assembling them over the Christmas holidays. I managed to get them primered just last spring. I have the last of the 60 being finished now and several of the last batch were painted by my kids as well. These are all done by myself and were used as a visual aid for the kids to approximate. Although  they had various levels of success, it gave them a target to aim for.
My kid's like Howard Whitehouse's Alien War rules and are now engaged in painting their own fire teams from the many boxes of UAMC troops I have from them. 
Well, that is all I have for this week, I should return with another post very soon!
My middle daughter has finished her crosscountry season and is now ripping up the basketball court. She pulled her hamstring in the last practice before her final run...she does a 3 mile run in 18 min and she is 10. Even with her bum leg newly/still recovering; she smoked me in a two mile run by 3 min.
She is obviously cheating.  ;) 

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