Tuesday, November 12, 2013

German Scifi troops(picture heavy)

So, Halloween has passed. I did get the obligatory zombie post out of the way, albeit with scarier photography! This month has been zooming along thus far. I'm still working lots of OT at work, plus household tasks, and still have military obligations. On the upside, Zombicide has arrived!
I am still working on my British foot, but I couldn't resist slapping some paint on zombie convicts and guards. I even added to the ranks by selecting a few "normal" zombies to share in prisoner orange and guard black. I'll get them up here later, and hopefully with better pictures as these sculpts are top notch for a boardgame and really match the games artwork. My kids are excited as well and looking forward to our first outing- hopefully next weekend!
I finally got the old tower computer desk removed and replaced with one of my drafting tables. This is a fantastic development as now I can paint and model at a proper table ;as well as, work on my laptop for surfing internet, art, or online courses. My wife appreciates the ease of cleaning her living room and the sudden disappearance of the tv tray I was confined to. I would remove all my stuff to the garage-aka mancave-, but it is not climate controlled vs Michigan weather. The garage is also now a repository for other projects and tasks I've yet to accomplish!
In continuing with gifts received LAST year. I have my oft promised Defiance Games German Panzer Grenadiers. Although I am a tough old goat and can still run, ruck, and fight with the best; superglue gives me a rash like you wouldn't believe. I'll sort, prep, and stow several projects just to spend a day with my nemesis and keep the rash time to a minimum. Usually in the Spring or Fall so cold does not effect the joins and heat doesn't add to my skin's discomfort! The Germans are made of the restic stuff( you know not plastic/ not resin but an unholy union of both). But, I digress, here are the pics!

The back of the box, I got two enough for two gruppes!

My good buddy Jeremy Bernhardt painted the very capable looking female troop on the back, alas I'm not at that level.

You get a plethora of these baggies in the kit.

yes, another bad photo of a prospective closeup...I promise more bad photos!

a prone gunner and a few casualties. The later is excellent for scenic bases, terrain, or objective markers. Although I do not actively look for them, I consider them a bonus as I enjoy terrain building and objective markers as much as building my armies of minions.

you also get these sprues of arms with all the weapons you'll need for the troops and the detail is fantastic!

some loose weapons too which will also add to my supplemental builds.

another shot of the weapon arms

you can make them all helmeted or go with patrol caps.

the heads of the fellas...

...and the women.

You can make them faceless as well

some more arms(support side) and the squad support weapon arms.

I really like the detail of these scifi german troops

Minimal clean up required, you will need to wash them as they feel slick to the touch and resist washes unless you clean them first. I don't like to use superglue more than once, so I washed them well to ad in the bonding

a lot of legs to vary your troops! My only complaint is the kneeling pose as a soldier will sit on their leg to achieve a more stable firing position. this one is more of a transition or rest pose.

great armor and pads though

the straps are not obnoxious,yet raised enough for contrast in the painting.

torsos and back packs

a  better shot both front and back

Diamond deck plate bases, they are quite solid too and add to the heft

I do not really like the whole space-Nazi vibe often used for Sci-fi Germans. These troops do have a helmet reminiscent of the old German style, but honestly it is a good design and one most modern helmets have taken. It is one of those designs that could last a long time

I went with a green fatigue and coyote armor to totally side step the space-Nazi flavor. Unless you are really looking, these sculpts could be anything else besides German

The Gruppes squad support weapons, two different styles of carry to further add variety.

Two troops without helmets, male and female.

I like how the heads do not look out of place on them. Honestly at the distance and in all that armor you would be hard pressed to find the girl...yet, I did not include a rear pic of the female troop as I know you would all be trying to check out her @$$!
I haven't decided how to paint the rest of the Germans. I am thinking of an urban scheme or perhaps just run with the colors of WW2 German airborne. I have converted some of the bits with the UAMC Marines. These guys are really close to the "true"(whatever that is) 28mm like Perry. Games workshop and some Reaper will tower over them. I like them a lot, they are my favorite kit that I've worked on this year. If you want some cheap Scifi troops, this set is just under $20 for 16 troops PLUS three casualties AND a prone gunner. Not a bad price and great for some "hard" Scifi troops not festooned with chainsaws and skulls.
I've since finished this section of troops. I'd show you the finished group, or the Zombicide Beserker Zombies; but I still have scores of preloaded photos of summer work to get through. This is my last week of night crew anyway, I'll be back this coming Monday with pics of my unfinished Napoleonics!...at least since my waking hours will be different, I will have more time on my off days to chase the elusive daylight!


  1. They look good and the colour choice is nice and does remove the Space Nazi theme from them. I'm put off by the material if I'm honest. I had a play with some mantic stuff and found it a pain to put stuff together especially a lot of this type of kit in one go.

    1. Thanks,Simon. I admit that besides the kneeling legs, I'm not a fan of the material. They do bond pretty quick though and were a treat to paint. I also now have space warrior women without robotic boobs!
      I would much rather have plastic or one piece metal, but at a buck a figure , I can handle the extra work!

  2. They look great, maybe a little fiddly for me, all them little bits and bobs to cut off and stick together, with my little fat fingers I'd have no chance!

    1. Fiddly!? Ha! Your wee minions are smaller than mine and painted excellently to boot! ;)
      These are a bit touchy to join though.
      If they were plastic and I could have plastic glue, I'd have an easier time fine tuning the poses and lining them up while the glue slowly set. Unfortunately, besides the fumes, super glue sets fast and permanent.
      I haven't figured out the blu-tac method of dry fitting. The few times I tried I had the stuff exploding from the joins! Much better to dab glue on the components and jump in!
      With my fat fingers, I'm guaranteed to adorn my hand with odd mini components! Fortunately, these troops come off the spruces very easily and were cleaned with a few blade scrapes...no finger or part slicing! I did decorate myself with some arms and heads, good thing the kit has extra bits!