Friday, November 22, 2013

Defiance Games UAMC- supposed to be Pinzgauer

It's been a pretty good week thus far! I'm still adjusting to working days. It seems that my biological clock says SLEEP TIME at 830ish in the evening. I'm really not used to that! My daughters also are adjusting to having me around in the evening hours. I have been plagued with pop music earworms like "thriftshop" "royals", "applause" etc. I find myself humming them at work which is really odd as I am more of a hard rock head banger type. Metallica, AC/DC, Ramones, etc. that is more my speed with a little bit of Supertramp and Linkin Park. I found out that my darling girls play bubblegum music while I sleep and they are involved in schoolwork. My wife did not approve my proposal for blasting Judas Priest or Queensryche at window rattling decibles during my 3am workouts as a reprisal. She was more diplomatic and headphone usage is now mandatory.... A shame as I had Manowar's Hail and Kill ready to go for my morning workout!
 So now on my day off, I am awaiting my wife to return from shopping with friends as she gathers culinary ingredients for Thanksgiving. My sole obligation for the day is hanging pictures and shelves, but I have to wait for her presence so that I will not have to do it twice. In the meantime, I decided I'd use my downtime to further present some work from the summer months. It seems that Fridays will be the new day for posting unless overtime prevents it in which case I'll get something up on Thursdays. Todays subject will be the mighty Pinzgauer cardstock space shuttle that I finally completed months after the time it was needed for a game that was canceled due to conflicting summer schedules of all parties.
Unfortunately, I was not able to salvage a good photo of the shuttle with it's entirety. The photos taken were too washed out in the flash. I was able to rescue a few shots of the Defiance Games UAMC conversions that I did as well as locate a photo of earlier conversions with the kit and a shot of the mini paint I mentioned last post.

Perched upon the top of the Pinz you can see my Free French Colonial Marines. Behind them lurk a multicam marine and a specops marine. The Pinz was printed as the subdued SpecOps perfect for delivering my SpecOps marine platoon.
The Free French were just a head swap with Perry Napoleonic French Infantry. I actually chose the blue fatigues in inspiration from the French Marine units used in the French and Indian War.

just a barely salvageable photo of the marine fireteams deploying from the Pinz belly.

The French Marine fireteam was just a quick test on what to do with all the plastic bits I have.

The SpecOps were one of two ideas I had for the plastic kit and each box provides enough for a platoon. I have given my kids a fireteam each of NCO, rifleman, Squad Support Weapon Specialist and assistant gunner. I had ordered two boxes, received two more as gifts then got another pair of boxes as a gift while I was deployed and sorely missing the hobby.

In the box above is the multicam platoon and the SpecOps platoon they both were used in the sands of the COP I lived at while in Afghanistan. They were painted when I returned to the States last October.

I couldn't find any photos of the Pinz other than the small portions showed here and in the shipyard posts. I did find this photo of my first conversions of this particular plastic kit. I was inspired by the work I was doing by going on missions with the ANA. I used some spare heads and arms from the Perry Zouaves plastic kit to make these fellows.
They also were the first minis to get hit with the new paints by Derivan, which are pictured behind them. The Reaper Nova marines pictured behind them were the other test batch, but they were coated in my traditional black undercoat while my "native" troops got the old fashioned whitewash to see which undercoat works best this particular paint. I was really interested in how well they dilute.
All my paints get water added to them to where in the end the paint pot is just a thinned out mostly played out wash! considering that my P3 and citadel paints are 12ml and these are 36ml, I think it will be some time before they become just another wash. Since they are of the dropper sort of bottle, I played with the palette in mixing and thinning them. the results of which you can see on the Scifi troops pictured above.
That will be all for this week, I got chores to do! I also need to get cranking on my Naps and Zomicide figures. If I do not get moving on them, I'll ruin the luxury of the reserve photos I have taken! I was at least more fortunate in photographing my very own artwork.
A self portrait of myself(younger) crouching over a French soldier

This is how St Peter would be if he was Algonquin and not Catho! ;)
detail of St Peter. I drew this overseas for a battlebuddy who was shopping for a tattoo.

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