Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Looong week

My kids spent last week getting infected with the flu. By the time Friday rolled around, all four were home sick, my wife was out-of-action, and I had to work Fri and Sat night with severe body aches. by time I crawled into bed Sunday morning( cuz walking was not an option) I managed to get one heck of a fever. I only vaguely remember watching the Daytona 500, and I think I slept through the walking dead....which is funny as a felt and sounded like one! my wife was felling better by then and kept me in bed and dosed up with Nyquil and other flu fixing meds till Tuesday morning.
I can taste food again, coffee is allowed again, my body doesn't hurt, and I'm not hacking up slime every few minutes leaving my chest feeling raw.
I wasn't able to do much hobby wise, in addition to spending my off days sick, I have to pack up gear for weekend military drill....I suspect I'll be ill come next Monday too!
I did not set up a good back drop, but instead shot some pics straight from my paint station. Shortly after returning from Afghanistan last fall, my wife and kids took me to Michigan Toy Soldier and Bronners (a nice Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan). At the toy soldier store, I was allowed to pick up a few items. I really wanted the Wings of War WW1 edition, but the planes were separate. So I settled with some Victrix and Perry Napoleonics. I spent quite some time looking at the flats and other metal models there too. I may be a tough old infantryman, but it seems I have an allergy to superglue. I get a rash on my wrists every time I use a tube.
But allergy notwithstanding, I spied some neglected packets of Sash and Sabre on a lower shelf tucked away in a corner. I have for a long time wanted some more Imperial Guard Roughriders, but GW has instead made Mongolian, and Arabic flavored ones. I decided several years ago to make my own, and TMP members directed me to sabre and sash(or is it sash and sabre) figures for kepi and slouch hat heads.
I really do not like to hack apart figures for parts, but these metal fellows are great in that each pack gave five bodies and eight or more heads. Since I got the firing line, skirmishers, and charging infantry packets; this gave me plenty of heads for my still unfinished project and still allowed me to finish these 15 troops.
The firing line

skirmishers...I like some of the poses here like biting the cartridge and reaching into the cartridge box.

Bayonets fixed and war faces on

a solid start to a skirmish band in ACW.

I am uncertain how many poses are available, but with the separate heads it should be quite easy to insure that no two look alike.

an attempt to break from the blue and grey with some purple and yellow on a reaper speeding super hero.

Just some of the other stuff on my work list in various stages of NOT done!

The biker gang and the ships crew are closest to being finished next, and are needed for an upcoming game where they will be COBs....Civilians-on-the-battlefield. a friend of mine will be attacking a spaceport and I will be defending equipment and employees. My kids are also gearing up to once again try to stop Dr Dread and his villians...it will be more fun to have models they should protect from being smashed.
Since we are mostly recovered from being sick the games should occur soonish, But first I need to gear up and fortify myself for playing soldier in the Michigan Winter, and not relapsing into Flu or acquiring hypothermia!
As far as Sash and Sabre goes....Fantastic minis. I really like them and will be getting some more at the very least some rebels to counter the Yankees. these are 40's I think, but the heads mesh just fine with GW imperial guard. I'd like to get the cav models and see how they rate. I do like the detail on the heads, and they probably are available separately. I'll have to check it out. Another thing to investigate would be seeing if native American heads are available. The 2nd Michigan Sharpshooters were superb marksmen. They drilled regular in shooting, and company K was made up of Algonquin Indians from the Upper Peninsula. It would be nice to be able to skirmish with them.
That is all for this week, I still have to pack for the weekend and I have two days( or is it nights) of night shift to go!


  1. I should add, although sick, my fantastic, loving family made sure I had plenty of ginger ale( Vernors of course!), and to aid in my rest since they all felt beter on Sunday....they bought me Skyfall!
    So, despite the ill health, I got to watch a great movie. I may have to try 7tv for some Bond type games! ;)

  2. Nice to see everything especially the ACW!

    1. Thanks, Fran! I hope to add my Perry 28's soon, but first I have to figure out what box I packed them away in. They will probably turn up from AWOL after I purchase more!

  3. Some great figures David, never knew about the Algonquin's fighting in the ACW. Many thanks for the kind words you posted on my blog.
    Also you need to add a followers app to your blog, its a very useful tool.

    1. ;)
      Native Americans were very active in the ACW. Before the war, gold was discovered in Cherokee lands. This gave the goverment reason to exile the eastern tribes to places like Fort Sill, Oklahoma.( which almost became the state Seqouia and reservation for all tribes) The Potawatomi and the rest of the Algonquin Nation were also "deported" from Michigan; yet most of my ancestors fled to the Upper Penninsula with the Ojibwe and Anesaki.
      People assumed we didn't have the soul for the fight. Michigan opted to recruit for standing regiments rather than run a recruit drive and disband older regiments no longer at stength. K company was native only with white officers, and home to the best marksmen in the unit.
      Out West my cousins the Sioux and other tribes sought to reclaim lost lands. The Shawnee and other tribes enlisted and fought alongside the"galvanized" yankees or Confederates who decided to serve the Federal cause out West. In addition, some of the reservation tribes enlited in the rebel side in hopes to win back the lands taken by the goverment. Some like the Cherokee had their own civil war, as the tribe split into both Federal and Rebel side. Ironically both hoped their allegance would win ancestral lands back!
      Thank you for the comments and blogging tips! As a grunt, the blogging isn't what I'd call infantry-proof! Hopefully I got the follower app figured out now!
      At least comments work here! ;)

    2. Damn spell check! Annishabe!...saki??

    3. More great info, I never knew any of this stuff!

    4. I'm filled with all sorts of historical knowledge, inconsistancies and faulty spellings are due to my aged mind! ;)

  4. I found you via a comment you left on Ray's page. Those two boys have meant the world to me as well and they are the reason I began painting miniatures. I am Irish, living in America with my husband and because of those two, I feel less lonely.

    My daughter has a friend from the Ojibwe tribe who speaks her native language and has taught us a great deal about the history of her people. She will be marrying a boy from Ireland in April. It is interesting how things connect up in life.

    These are some lovely figures and I look forward to seeing your Perry figures. They sculpt some fine pieces.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Anne! Just reading their blogs on the hobby was great balm for my soul overseas!
      Sgt Menard is a senior scout sniper serving in my unit, and an Ojibwe. He speaks Ojibwe and Algonquin. Our mutual hero is Charles Prince who was an Annishabe from Canada( also Algonquin Nation). He served in the Devil's Brigade commando unit in WW2. If I remember correctly he won the Victoria Cross and the Medal of Honor for his actions....and Anglos say we do not have the soul to fight! ;)
      I have Perry and Victrix Napoleonics in my build/ paint que...still have to find my ACW lads!

    2. Grrr! Tommy Prince not Charles, and he was awarded the Silver Star and Military Medal...still a tough Great Lakes Native!
      I'll blame old age and too much time trotting outside! There is a very good reason I have a Blue Collar! ;)