Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wild West

During deployment, my only hobby vice was the blogosphere and downloading PDF. Fat Dragon Games had Rio Draco and Hotlz has Whitewash City. I viewed them often and frequent when nobody was awake to respond to phone or email...yeah, big time change! By time I got home, I already knew which buildings were getting built first. My wife and kids had already loaded me up with ink, card, and black foam core. They also got me a wonderful gift for making it back home.

Fourteen cowboys from Reaper. Some were on my wishlist, some were not.
Ten of the western figures came in the above min is really mini too! I think it retails for about $30 USD. But, this is a gift, and I feel it'd be bad form to investigate!
As you can see in the above picture it is filled with eggshell foam inserts and easily holds more than the 10 figures it came with...such as the bartender, a cowboy with chaps, and another cowgirl and cowboy.

Here is the whole lot painted up and ready for gaming. To be fair, they are veterans already. The paint may still be drying on a few, but they have dueled in Blackwater Gulch, chased and been chased by zombies, fought superheroes/supervillians, and been in some Sci-Fi skirmish. Most of the games were selected by my kids. Since I do not own much in moderns( or western) we use a lot of proxy and imagination.

My favorite of the figs are these five. a Clint Eastwood man with no name type, a bartender, the grizzled cow punching hired hand, a rugged lass and a wild Bill type with rifle and fringed leather....but I like his leather gaiters more.


I tried to make sure they were all individuals, but I painted these four in same color dusters. My kids actually painted the block colors for shirts and pants on most of the figures. I only tidied up and provided shading and highlights. This bunch is well equipped with rifles, whip, sawn off shotguns, and plenty of pistols.

Very nice one piece models with really crisp details

A cowboy, a bounty hunter, Wild Bill, Doc Holiday( a marshal for our games), and the not Clint.
I painted these five without help from the kids. I really like these figures, and it really was a wonderful welcome home dad gift. There is enough for all of us to have fun...but more will be needed. Wargames Foundry, Black Water Gulch, and Brigade Games are on my hit list. unfortunately these models are a bit large compared with my Perry ACW, but they all work pretty good with the cardstock western buildings. I'll post them up another time though.
My first painted figures of the new year are theses fellas, and lady. Also by Reaper, these are the Nova Corp Troopers. Like the Cowboys, They have participated in several games while being painted.( over the past decade, I've only played with mostly/fully painted models, but my kids have no discrimination when selecting troops for battle)

As noted in an earlier post, I'm trying not to use blue and grey....but they look so grand in those colors! And it works for sci-fi high-tech cops too!

New Colorado Colonists do not like the new law forbidding whisky, and they really do not want to turn in their weapons either!
A fireflyish photo featuring the habdomes by Christopher Roe of Genet Models. They don't have interiors, but they do spruce up a table really well...

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