Monday, February 18, 2013

Crimson Fists

I have been gaming 40k since the heady RT days. For the uninitiated, this entailed truly sandbox army lists that could take hours to craft, coupled with repeated referencing of the rules to clarify outcomes. Like jump pack assault troops with combat drugs, rad grenades and webbers....just to name a few options available. My favorite was taking the dual power fist marine, making him a basic level librarian(psyker) and giving him the power of hammer hand.
All sorts of stuff have been eliminated, revamped, improved, lost, found, etc. ... throughout all of the revisions through the years. Background material has also suffered the same fate( Don't get me started on the Dark Angels and the omission of Deathwing in the current cannon!) The Crimson Fists though have just gotten cooler in my eyes. Even in the beginning they were in dire straits with the Orks. the novel Rynns World really details the cannon of this illustrious chapter. Although the trait system from a few editions ago has been dropped, I still use it as a method to select forces for my version of the Crimson Fists.
The idea to start this force began in 2000 when I was explaining to a friend and new gamer of why in the future a sci-fi force would fight in heraldic colors rather than camouflage. The whole monastic, Templar brotherhood, pride of Chapter, years of training. The new scouts were announced/released and scout bikers were on the way as well, so I found myself explaining the tragedy of the Fists and how they are nowhere near the strength of other Chapters and still will not accelerate the new troop process.
Another friend challenged me to game it. I laid out a list with a Chaplain as HQ( many leaders of the CF were lost), a tact squad( gotta have at least one), a squad of scouts with bolters, a squad of scouts with sniper rifles,( scout squads for troop choices because battle brothers are rare), CCW scouts( troop choice again, but these fellas are designated as assault ), biker scouts( fast attack  and SCOUT), a squad of 5 assault marines with jump packs(battle brothers are rare but not that rare!)
Power fists....what else sez Crimson Fist more than a honking huge crimson power fist. these three are the first models painted for this force...the chaplain was first because I really liked the sculpt.

Two five man CCW scout squads. The white primered were bought from eBay and are the metal sculpts while the others are from the new at the time plastic box purchased from my FLS.

These are also still WIP. The bikers were ordered from GW and before the new plastic ones were released....I may add a second squad from the plastic. Behind the bikes are my plastic bolter scouts with a heavy that includes my only metal bolter scout who was also primed white with his fellow CCW scouts.

A better shot of my six man scout squad. I like the odd numbers in some of the squads as it conveys a force without a lot of replacements. 

My sniper section numbers seven, and includes two metal sniper scouts that thankfully were still in package and not primered white with their companion eBay fellows.

My Command Squad again! Just wanted to point out that the thunderhammer marine in the back and the veteran with fist and stormbolter were Games Day models, because I am that geek. It was nice to have a Games Day in Chicago...

My assault marines, and note the Sgt with the Powerfist

The razorback and a few objective markers.

The Rhino. I really wish I did the razorback in the same fashion, but at least I can field two razorbacks if I really want to.

My big hitter, and it has yet to carry a single is so much more fun to teleport them in. All of the scout sgts carry teleport homers! Crimson Fists are known for ambushes and asymmetrical warfare

The dreadnaught and terminators from Black Reach. The Heavy Flamer marine came from a white dwarf freebie and an unused termie arm from the also white primered terminators from the same fellow who primered all those scouts. Note I do not mind white primer, it's just that Crimson Fists are so much easier to do from a black undercoat.

The Tact squad from an older boxed game all nice and neat in block colors. I have three other squads now. One from Black Reach box and the other two from the newer plastic box sets. I also got Pedro Kantor and crafted up a squad of plastic Sternguard to back him up. A Chaplain Terminator and a squad of Devastators to give the Fists some more "punch".
My Marines usually fight against an undivided chaos force, tyranid swarm, and a tank heavy renegade guard with a baneblade. Still that is Four tact squads, two five man assault squads, and one five man devastator squad. Fifty-five battle brothers to form a company that should max out at one hundred. The rest of the company are the scouts filling in the gaps. A chaplain, one Company Commander, a complete command squad, five sternguard, two terminator squads... my battle company is complete.
Well not complete as it is on my to finish painting this year list! We'll see how the year unfolds. ;)

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