Thursday, April 2, 2015

Been a moment

I have been very busy, and just finished restoring photos deleted from old posts and editing when they could not be found. I also added labels as a means to group the similar posts. I have been very busy with training, work, and keeping up with my kids...not to mention the ever growing "honey-do" list.
I have just(okay a few days/weeks) finished my first Analogue Hobby Winter Painting Challenge. I now have a veritable surplus of hobby goodness to share. Several projects seen huge progress through the Challenge. I had to kick the recap off with my favorite game. Battle Fleet Gothic!
These are the Chaos ships that my wife gave me. They finally have proper paint applied and shall soon aid the ork ships in smashing the Imperial Fleet.
I divided them up into two sections of three cruisers with an escort squadron apiece. One is dedicated to Papa Nurgle while the other is more esoteric in devotions. All the ships share grey to unify them and pay homage to my traitor guard units.

These are the nimble escort for the undivided chaos arm. The blue denotes their devotion to the Lord of Change.

They will primary shield this cruiser which is only armed with a couple of lance batteries. It does have some launch bays for chaos fighter/bomber craft.

Slannesh is represented by this cruiser that has banks of turrets.

Khorne has a more powerful version of than the Lord of Pleasure's craft.
The addition of the dorsal lances increase the fire power.

Of course the Blood God's followers were a bit exuberant in applying the red paint!
They did begrudgingly allow the belly of the cruiser to have grey plates.

I have a solid representation of Death Guard Marines, so Nurgle is well represented with three cruisers.

The Plague Lord has a heavy cruiser(2 dorsal lance batteries) and four launch bays for fighter craft.
This is the flagship for this wing...I'm sure it is well stocked with virus bombs! ;)

Dingy green and mottled brown over the grey plates and another fighting cruiser for nurgle.

The Nurgle wing can cruise on it's own...

I do envision the Khorne Cruiser as the Chaos Flag ship...Pride of Place. The blood thirsty admiral abord that vessel should be able to kind of keep them all in line. Then again he may also give the Nurgle ships a long leash, like their success or failure was planned. ;)
I still have to complete the Imperial ships(Task Force Black). I've been working lately in NMM.
I like the effect and the less stress on my brushes! Unfortunately, my other Imperial ships used metallic paints. At least some of my brushes are wrecked enough that I may briefly go back to my metallic paints to complete them. I'll have to decide soon as I cannot get more ships till these are completed.
The longer I wait, the more expensive they get on Ebay. There are some other ships that I can proxy, but it would be nice to get some GW ork and chaos ships including the battleship classes.
That will be all for this week, I'll try to be back BEFORE 2016! ;)
No promises as Spring has sprung, training is ramping up, and the woods are calling. Plus kids sports, honey-do's, gardening, 3-5k runs, bikes.......;)


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    1. Thank you, Ray! I truely enjoy the lines and detail on them. The game isn't half bad either.