Thursday, April 30, 2015

Terra Force

Unfortunately, time is a precious commodity for now. Spring has brought a raft of tasks and the hobby time has suffered greatly. I am very busy in my free time building 15mm paper terrain for my new forces to battle around. I've also acquired the Industrial Terrain pack from World Works games to make a massive warehouse for Dr Dread to conduct nefarious business from...and for my children's Supers to fight in.

The first four vicks up for review were submitted for the painting challenge and are for use for the Terra Force which for now will be the principle foes for the Alien Legion.

They are from Rebel Minis and are a hybrid kit of pewter and resin. They have differing names on the website but they are Humvees and MATVs. They come with a sprue containing rotary cannons, mk2 50 cals, mk19 grenade launchers, and m140s. You get them and gun tubs to attch to the resin bodies which do require some clean up. They attach to metal chassis and wheels which are the same for both kits.

These are the first 15mm I painted and among my first submissions for the challenge. The MATVs were tarted up with ruck sacks from Khurasan Miniaures SEAL Team. 

I had a grand time painting them up and inventing a camo pattern for them. The primary concern was not to paint them tan!

The walkers are from a company who's name I forget at the moment. They give Terra Force a heavy punch. They were a chore to put together as the legs are an assembly of 9 separate metal pieces and the models had no instructions. I acquired them from a friend who was going to use them as robotic sentinels for a 40k guard force. They fell apart constantly and even defied pinning. I finally got them together by pinning everything and mounting them on trash CD-ROM discs.(the old AOL offers!)

Although they were a pain to put together, They were a lot of fun to paint! I really like them now!
I got rather good with the NMM on them and really enjoy the effect it gives them. The Camouflage from the trucks really shines on them too.

The vents and armor plates, the optics, the lights, and the cables hanging from the legs....I really like the look of them.

I used off cuts of evergreen plastic sheets from past projects and bits from my horded "box of reclamation" to tart the bases up. The disks have a lot of vacant spots that scream for attention!
Again, I hope to have some new for next week like the 15mm terrain that I'm working on. I have also found the old tanks from the Cadian 7th. The 7th will feature across several posts this summer. They recently added another defeat to their fame. My buddy Dave trounced them with his Space Wolves!
I plan on completing the old tanks to match the ones I did for the painting challenge, but before I do so, I need to take advantage of them and show how far my painting has come along in all these years....I also have to finish them as my goal is to complete them and my not finished British Infantry of the Peninsular War .
I have drill and a PT test approaching and must step up my running and exercise regime. Softball and baseball games, garden needs tilling and planting, work , honey-do's, perhaps we will count it lucky if I post next week! ;)


  1. Great work Dave, I'm looking forward to see the buildings you've been making

    1. Thank you, Ray! I'm building a shanty town and power station from cardstock. I've a fair way to go yet as 15mm is very fiddly! ;)

  2. Nice job, love the buildings and vehicles...

    1. Thank you, Phil! Coming from 28mm, I have little in terrain so far. At least the GW LotR ruins are nearly scale neutral! ;)