Thursday, April 16, 2015


So, I've been rather busy. Military training is ramping up which also means I've been running and exercising more. I've been to the woods several times, mostly for training reasons. The kids are all in sports, and as none are on the same team, lots of different game/practice times/venues. Plus my wife is still a night shifter but has also been bitten by that horrible spring cleaning bug! The dogs and I are running for cover! The poor dears have been getting weekly baths, and since Nova likes to dig and roll around in mud(like I do) he has been getting up to three a week! He does like to get bathed and dried, but hates the temporary ban on going out after he is clean!

So here is Bow, a super submitted to the 5th AAHWPC! He is a Vigilante trope, he will also be used in Zombie and Sci fi skirmish as part of a SPECOPs team.

I did keep his colors muted and simple as it seems to suit my perceived demeanor of his charcter.

As a tinboy, he has helped my kids on numerous occasions as a GM NPC. I let him disappear when the kids no longer need his help.

The Blue Falcon is also another Crossover miniature that finally got painted. My kids really love his stats, but the really don't like him!

Blue Falcon is American military jargon for a Buddy F****r. Meaning someone who is more out to help themselves than help the team. He is also someone who will not only "throw you under the bus" but will also back it up and hit you with it again. 

He is a dandy and likes his shiny clean duds!

My local police are lead by a veteran Ranger who was given two cyber dogs to aid in crime fighting

My daughter had the nifty idea of police lights for tail tips

Alpha and Omega flanking the chief who comes from Reaper Minis

These fellows are some of the new Robotic Minions from Crossover Minis. like the other Crossover minis, they have separate heads for posa-bility and changing looks. The other head is very reminiscent of the Starwars Imperial Biker troops.

I really began practicing NMM on them, I have some more of this type without the police blue, and another platoon element of ones with the 'Biker troop' heads to serve as the military package of robots.

They will be used in our super games, and have a very long plot line coming.
Dr Dread is behind the contract with the PD for these bots. He will reveal that down the road, as I introduce the other bots and the improved military ones into the campaign.

For now, my kids are enjoying them as helpers in attempts to bring Dr Dread and his followers to justice. They are questioning why the blood splattered one hasn't helped them out yet!

With all the minions unleashed on Megapolis, my kids have been needing more support. They were really hip to SHEILD from the movies and TV show. Now they can call on these not-SHEILD for support!

A not Nick Fury and a brunet female agent to act as fire team leaders. Sam Jackson is perfect for Nick Fury, but I'm old school and remember the eternal warrior leading the howling commandos!

I couldn't paint their gear, gloves, boots white as I never really liked that in the comics. Brown leather and green webgear seems a better choice to me! The minions come with the Strike Team heads which I used as they all have microphones and ear pieces. The other heads you can pick are ball cap ones or the not-HYDRA ones. I have a bunch yet to be painted or fielded that are the not-HYDRA!
I just have to come up with a color scheme I like for them.

These Crossover sculpts are my favorites! Very clean minis and nicely detailed. They were a lot of fun to paint which is a good thing as I have a lot more of them to do!

A Web/Net gun, a Rocket Launcher, Flame thrower, and a Minigun. Just the weapons to help an elite paramilitary unit take out super powered villains!

The back packs are pretty nice too.

A size comparison of them all. During the contest I based the Police on Reaper Bases and they match up really well to the Chief. I'm very happy with the line that Crossover has and they are a wonderful little company worth a view. A lot of stuff can be used in other genres besides Supers, The separate heads match up well with other manufactures too.
I have a game of 40k scheduled tomorrow then I'll be back to making terrain for my 15mm troops. I hope to have the 15mm terrain up soon. If I don't, I still have plenty of backlog from the challenge to post up!
I've been sorting out and planning for the next challenge as I've been finishing purchasing of my pulpy WW2 and blackpowder Eastern tribes! more to come! ;)

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