Monday, January 28, 2013

My new electric minion!

My wife surprised me Friday with a new computer. Unfortunately I'm a night shifter, and had to work that night, so the excitement was less than what she had hoped for when she woke me early! I had to work Saturday too, so Sunday night I got to kick the tires!
It took me awhile to figure out basic operations, as my last machine was an eight year veteran. A lot of bells and whistles to adjust to!  But, I finally finished required online computer training with only a few headaches.

To celebrate a few photos!
            A platoon of Defiance Games UAMC. these fellas were sent to me while I was gearing up for deployment to Afghanistan. They were also the first mini painting I did when I got back home!
These are just a couple of my Games Workshop Squats, they were in a very handy box when looking for my packed treasures, I also used them in play testing Combat: Alien Wars.
A poor photo of my Blood Axe Kommandos also by Games Workshop and also victims of play testing.
A much better shot....But I did warn you about the bad photography!
These fellas were special built just for play they are my go to nameless evil mercenary force. They are Wargames Factory with a lot of conversions and bits added throughout.

I do have my other minis mostly found, and I will be starting my next post with either my steampunk Cygnar, my Crimson Fists, or something still on the painting table. I have yet to locate my boxes of ACW and Napoleonics. All that is available for now are the Perry and Victrix that I have been messing with but have yet to see a paint brush.....and my dwarven horde that needs basing and two more units that need painting.
See! wargaming ADD!
My next post WILL be more structured. I have BIG hobby plans for the year to include a photo-shoot of my sewer and trench board designed for all eras of skirmishing! For now I am content with my new machine and this first experiment with adding photos to the blog.

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