Sunday, January 20, 2013

trudging onward

It's been a grueling week. Work was work, honey-do's extensive, and of course the last of the holiday/birthday bonanza had to be three girls had the audacity of being born from early December to mid-January which makes me a popular fixture at stores! Thankfully, my girls and son were adept at helping me clear out more stuff from storage. My Cadian 7th Cav, Crimson Fist Space Marines, Fantasy dwarf army, and Cygnar Force have all been excavated from the shed. I was bouncing around between them and my ACW 28' before deployment. Now,they are safely back in the home and except for the shoulder decals on the marines, they survived storage intact.I now have them arranged around my hobby area with my Space Wolf army. Why are they there?...Hobby AAD! I bounce and flit from project to project and all of those forces are close to being finished. It does bring up a deja-vous of paint schemes. All of them feature blue and gray! Blue- Crimson Fists, Cygnar, Cadians, federal ACW. Gray- Space Wolves and Confederate ACW. The Dwarves were different and use both colors! Replenishing my paints in the fall, I noticed my grays and blues were very low. I have been determined to fix this in the side projects I started with my kids. I'm supplying the villians in the super games,ergo I have given the main villian green and red for colors and his number one heavy is in yellow spandex! ;) The Western set has all the cowboys in various browns and greens. The various scifi COBs( civilians-on-the-battlefield) have benefited from red and orange spot colors as well. So, where is this heading? This is a real rough synopsis of my hobby goals for the year with the above forces expected to become finished as near as any army can be. None except for the ACW can expect additional recruits till 2014! I am also going to be counting on my Napoleonics to break up the gray and blue scheme too. Of course, the three regiments of French Infantry will HAVE to use blue. But the British should consume a lot of red which will be a big difference! As for pictures, my wife is already gearng household finances to ensure a proper laptop by the end of the month. Hopefully then I can show off work being done and also include shots of the Defiance Games Germans. I got my boxes last week,and I really like them. I should have the first box painted next week and once my laptop is rigged up;I'll detail them and assembly of the second box. For now though,I'm going to sign off and finish painting my Reaper Nova Corp squad...they are very striking in the blue and gray colors I selected for them! ;)

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