Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The scout is out

Ok,so I have a newish toy...a NOOK color given to me by my wife and four kids. Lately it has been my sole connection to the web. My desktop died while I was away on military deployment, and my laptop did not make it for very long after my return. With the Army going more and more into the digital fronter, and since my little NOOK is hardpressed to keep up with my AAD of gaming, movies and history searching....well I gotta get a new laptop. With my kids getting older, they will need a computer too, and my wife will get a laptop all to herself-what's good for the gander..! ;) I have already given this little device hiccups in trying to upload photos, so this foray into the bloggsphere will be a bumpy ride. This well improve once my new machine arrives. I shall endeavor to torture the web with poorly taken photos of my mini minions and use this space to show the progress as I chip away at my mountain of plastic and metal. HOUSEHOLD-6, or she-who-must-be-obeyed, has decreed that I must show progress or future purchasing of reenforcements will be denied. To prevent this, I am going to attempt to document my work here. Due to drill constraints, work as a night security officer, and herding the four kids...I may be overreaching in my ambitions. I do plan on keeping track of my friends and look forward to the not quite so far future where I may actually have a chance to meet a few cyber friends and chuck dice at some of the wargaming conventions I read so much about. I can't attend them yet, as I still have a bit less than a decade to go before I will have earned a military retirement...to those in uniform, I strongly encourage you to ponder retirement before you quit the service and do not, as I did, allow nearly 20 years of seperation to disect the career. If my service was uninterrupted, I'd have been out in 05 and not be a 45 year old grunt At least I can still outlast the kids...the wonders of tiger balm!Ok

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