Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Steampunk Minis

Jules Vern, Captain Nemo, King Solomon's Mines, just a few literary friends from my youth.  With my kids, I've seen several movies like Steamboy or Stardust and felt again the stirrings of wrought iron, steam, and a touch of magic. I have been a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, and Brotherhood of the Wolf(and Leon the Professional and the original La Fem Nikkita) have proven that I can watch and enjoy French Films. This brings me to Cygnar and Privateer Press.
The Gun Mages, slicks and tricorns, casting magic and blazing away with pistols. Trenchers, gritty muddy trenchers, leather and rifles and full of all the details that remind of WW1. The warcasters are a pretty solid group too. From the stoic, honorable Coleman Stryker, to little Haley who has more toughness in a petite frame than anyone should, and my favorite...Lt Allister Caine, a maverick(like Han Solo).  A disreputable rouge who has been up and down the chain of command, but is nasty in a fight, and has friends in both high and low places.
My wife knew I was looking at them, and when my friend Dave sprung for a Pirate band, she allowed me to collect ONE force. One force because as a wargamer and friendly sort, I like to have at least two forces in case somebody should wish to play. I bought every last bit of this force on EBay before they became cost prohibited. I hate to pay more than they'd cost in a shop, and I really hate to pay full cost for a model somebody else assembled, and slapped paint on( like the pro-paints that are worse than my own!) Still I found and won a few auctions where the price was good and got this nice bunch of a mostly finished force.

"Mostly?" you ask. Well I do not own the new trenchers, or trenchers or trencher commandos, the trencher cannons, more long gunners, more gun mages and the gunmage captain, and the newer plastic jacks, or the character jacks like old rowdy or Thorne. But this crew is pretty good as is and has even withstood horde armies...and it only needs a few detail bits on the paint, and paint and flock for a few bases.
 A tidal wave of Blue!

 Coleman with storm blades, storm knights, thunderhead, ironside, and centurion.

Cain with his gunmages, long gunners and a few Jacks

 Haley with grenadier, hunter, Hammersmith, and the trenchers

 the gunmages...but I hate the scale diminish for the black 13. They are anemic if compared to the two gunmages pictured. It is almost as if Privateer Press went true 28 instead of heroic 30!
 The big squad of trenchers with Lt, sniper, grenadier, and grenade porter
 Coleman with the thunderhead and an ironside.

a poorly taken photo of the knights. Blue, Gold, Leather!

I really enjoy this army. Dave and I have not played many games with them, so I haven't figured out all the combos that are possible. Even after all the games, my favorite figures are the trenchers and gunmages. I am getting fond of the storm knights as they can generate a lighting field between one another and literally clothesline opposing troops with electricity. The Lt of the trenchers can give basic orders to a warjack which makes the grenadier perfect for him. being with trenchers, the grenadier can issue a lot of grenade punishment and really beefs them up for charging.
The Hunter gets my vote for favorite mech as it really punches above it's class and is perfect to compliment Haley. The Thunderhead is a devastating war machine that I do not use often. It generates lighting and is really powerful. It is also too much for the battles we fight....but still tesla coils, lightning, blue and gold...why it IS Cygnar!
I can keep them as they are, but I do have a list of needed to complete this army.
TRENCHERS. I love these guys. I was going to get two more squads, but apparently the commandos and resculpts have been released while I was overseas. I will succumb to the new shiny and add a squad each to the three battle forces, Haley gets the commandos and the trencher cannon. Cain is going to get some warjacks more suited to him. Which is an excuse to get those nifty new plastic kits I've seen. Cain will also get another unit or two of gunmages with a gunmage captain. Stryker is going to get another stormblade unit via the new sculpts, and some warcaster upgrades with a squire and stormsmiths. a couple of units of long gunners too, cheap and effective in points!
This is the first army I have ever owned to where all the troops get mostly painted before I get new.
Granted all but the Thunderhead were used( some paint or primer and sorta assembled). Although the cost was right for me, some, like the captain of the storm knights, had damage. But these guys are great, and I have yet to lose interest in them. They also lead me into papermodelling, but that is a post for another day!


  1. Not too familiar but I really like those models and the work you have put into them David!

  2. Thanks, Fran! I only discovered Warmachine a few years ago, having a few wargaming buddies already building forces, helped to push me along. ;)